How long will it take to get my IEM’s?

4-6 weeks plus shipping.


What is the warranty period? What is covered?

30-day fit, 1 year material and craftsmanship on custom products (cables excluded.) See our warranty page.


How do I order from EarTech Music?

Decide which model you want. Browse our showroom or visit the design gallery to consider options for colors and finishes. Call us if you have any questions or want to discuss your options.

Download and complete the order form. Get your impressions made. Send impressions to us, along with your order form.


Where can I get my impressions made?

Any licensed hearing healthcare professional can take your impressions (See Getting Started for important information for you to take with you. Remember, your IEM’s will only be as good as your impressions.) Contact us if you’d like help locating a provider near you.


How should I ship my impressions to the studio?

Package your impressions in a sturdy box, along with the completed order form. Ship using your preferred courier to: Ear Technology Corporation, 106 E. Watauga Avenue, Johnson City, TN 37601. (Consider insuring your package for at least the cost of your silicone impressions.)


Can I have custom artwork on the faceplates?

Sure, see order form for options and fees. For the artwork itself, vector images are best (.ai file types); otherwise, a high resolution image (JPG, PNG, PSD). Either burn a CD to send with your order or email the image to


How do I pay?

Credit card, money order, or PayPal, your choice.


What shipping company do you use?

FedEx, so we need a physical address to ship to you. (No P.O. boxes)


Can I get a refund if I don’t like my in-ear monitors?

Because they are custom products, IEM’s and musician earplugs cannot be returned for refund.


I play guitar in a band, the music is so loud I can’t hear my guitar. Will these ear monitors enable me to hear my guitar and the rest of the band instruments?

Yes, absolutely! The beauty of custom in-ear monitors is the control you have through the mixing board. The earpieces attenuate 28 db. This gives the musician a nice level of isolation from the on stage noise of the others musicians, and the noise coming from the crowd. Your sound guy will be able to give you an excellent personal mix through your IEM’s. He will be able to control the volume of the other musicians giving you exactly the sound you desire to hear. There is a reason why ALL professional musicians have moved to custom IEM’s. The sound quality and control is amazing. Take your performance to the next level with custom IEM’s from Eartech Music.

How should I clean my IEMs?


Hearing Health Disclaimer

Prolonged exposure to high Sound Pressure Levels (SPL) can result in hearing loss. Refer to OSHA Standard 29CFR1910.95 for recommended exposure limits (www.osha.gov).